User-Centered Design

User-Centered Design (UCD) is a process and design philosophy that gives extensive attention to the needs and behaviors of the user in order to improve the website interface. Through User-Centered Design, we focus on the way that user's interact with your website. This allows us to create organized, visually appealing interface designs that appeal to your target audience.

User-Centered Design Services

Information Design
Information Design organizes website content into categories and presents it in a way that makes sense to users. This allows users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. If users can move through a website easily, they are more likely to convert into buyers. The basic structure and presentation of information has a significant impact on user behavior, number of page views, time on site, search engines rankings, online advertising results and ultimately, profits.

User Interface Design
User interface design focuses on making the end user's interaction with your website straightforward and intuitive, while maintaining exciting and attractive website designs. Information is presented clearly through strategic placement, spacing, and visual coding techniques. Each element of the website is designed specifically to appeal to the user and facilitate online conversions.

Content Development
Website content should speak directly to the user through marketing messages that address their needs. Conversion Design content incorporates marketing messages, usability best practices, and keywords for search engine optimization. We integrate content into existing websites or create new content through research, information gathering, strategic writing, and editing.

Benefits of User-Centered Design

  • Common tasks are simplified
  • Important features and functions are visible
  • Information architecture or navigation makes sense to the user
  • Designs are created to avoid human error and eliminate problematic areas

A Better User Experience and Increased Conversion Rate

User-Centered Design involves multiple stages of analysis, interpretation, and problem solving that leads to information about how users are likely to use a website interface. Designing a website interface around user needs and wants results in a better user experience and higher conversion rates.

Key Principles of User-Centered Design

  • Design for users and the tasks they are likely to perform on your website.
  • Consistency of interface elements and features to minimize learning requirements.
  • Clear, simple, and direct language that speaks directly to the user, provides adequate information, and persuades them to take action and convert.
  • Clear information architecture or navigation structure to allow user to move through the website with ease.

User-centered design is just one part of the process of Conversion Design. To learn more about how user-centered design can contribute to your business growth, contact Converta Design.