About Converta Design

Converta Design focuses on increasing online conversions.

Our user-focused strategies incorporate a variety of services and analysis to successfully market websites online. Our process of Conversion Design integrates websites with marketing strategies to increase online conversions and sales.

Our Approach – Conversion Design

Conversion Design involves in-depth discovery, thorough testing, and constant action. We conduct extensive user research and market analysis in order to make the best decisions for your business. A true understanding of your target audience and their use of the Internet allows us to effectively structure a comprehensive internet marketing plan that will quickly bring success and results.

Search engine rankings and traffic do not necessarily guarantee that a website will be profitable. In order for a website to be successful, it must be accessible to the target audience, directly address user needs, and provide the information users are looking for.

Converta Design History

Converta Design was founded by Kelly Johnson. She has extensive experience combining user-centered design, usability, search engine optimization, social media, and internet marketing strategies with website design and development to increase online conversions and website performance. Journalism, Communication Media Studies, and a Master of Science in Information Science at UNC-CH led Kelly to develop the process of Conversion Design.

The Conversion Design process implements usability and search engine optimization techniques at the design level and focuses on website analytics to increase online conversions.

Increase Online Conversions with Conversion Design Services

Every website has a unique combination of needs, goals, and users. After a thorough analysis, we create customized marketing plans for each individual website. We integrate websites with business and marketing goals to increase online conversions. Contact us for more information about all of our services.